Two more Bowie campuses earn Level 1 High Reliability Schools certification

Two more of Bowie Indpendent School District’s campuses have achieved Level 1 certification in the Marzano High Reliability Schools program.
The elementary and high school campuses learned of the award last week following walk-throughs by the evaluators on March 21. They join the junior high which received certification last October. The intermediate school anticipates certification this fall.
This certification means the schools have created a “Safe and Collaborative Culture,” which Marzano Research states is the foundation for every level that follows.
“Without such a culture, student achievement will be compromised. Day-to-day operations are addressed and evaluated in Level 1,” states the Marzano press release.
Christie Walker, director of curriculum in BISD, said she is so proud two more campuses have attained Level 1. Each submitted more than 900 pages of documentation as evidence to support their practices and this certification.
“During their on-site reviews, it was noted that both campuses, as well as the junior high, they also are well on their way to being Level 2 certified, which they expect to attain in 2018-19,” explained Walker.

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