Bowie High School announces top 10 percent

Katelyn Allison, salutatorian
Madison Hill, valedictorian

Bowie High School has released  its top 10 percent in the 2018 class of seniors which is led by Valedictorian Madison Hill and Salutatorian Katelyn Allison.
Graduation ceremonies for the class will be at 8 p.m. on May 25 at Jackrabbit Stadium. Joshua Kreger, teacher of the senior class since they were in sixth grade will be the speaker.
The mantle ceremony will have seniors Baxter Swint and Matthew Wallace passing the mantle of leadership to juniors Sarah Van Allen and Caleb Miller.
Principal Blake Enlow said the school is recognizing the top 10 percent which includes 13 students from the 131-member class. There was a tie for number six so there is no number seven.

Meet the top 10 percent members of the 2018 Bowie High School graduating class in your weekend News.