Bowie Junior High earns Level 2 in High Reliability Schools

Bowie Junior High Leadership team: (Back) Diane Weber, Darlene Williams, Jeneanne Fleming, Rhonda Parr, Addie Enlow and Shane Porter of the Region 9 Education Service Center. (Front) Summer Eudey, Chasity Hofbauer, Jennifer Hall, Audra Price and Toby Boss, Marzano representative. (Courtesy photo)

Bowie Junior High School has earned Level 2 certification in Marzano High Reliability Schools.
Level 2 certification means Bowie Junior High School has established “Effective Teaching in Every Classroom,” which focuses on the responsibility of both school leaders and teachers in ensuring high-quality instruction.
Last October BJH was the first campus in the district to attain the Level 1 certification of the five-level program.
Jeneanne Fleming, principal, said the campus leadership team made the decision to move ahead after reaching Level 1.
“We could have just waited, but we wanted to go with the momentum and we are so glad we did,” said the principal.
In Level 1 the campus team presented some 1,200 pages of documentation to support activities that support a “Safe and collaborative culture.” Fleming said this time some 1,800 pages were prepared.

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  1. I know there are some really great people at that school. I had a friend who was a drop-out for a year. She went back, and the staff, helped her finish her diploma.

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