Bowie High senior drowns in Johnson Lake

Bowie Police, fire and volunteers search Johnson lake for a missing teen who was reportedly swimming. (Photo by Barbara Green)

Bowie Police confirmed at 3:30 p.m. the recovery of drowning victim Trent Walker, 18-year-old senior at Bowie High School. No additional details of the incident were available at this time from the police.

City of Bowie Police and Fire responded to the report of possible drowning at the Johnson Lake located next to Bowie High School and immediately began searching for a male teenager who went under the water while swimming.
No official information has been released on the possible victim or the circumstances. The call came in at 11 a.m. Thursday. Police officers when they arrived at the shoreline dove into the water attempting to find the teen, who reportedly was swimming to a canoe located near the other shoreline.
Another teen who was fishing told police the boy went under and did not come back up. Police and firefighters used a canoe and boat to search. About 12:30 p.m. local game wardens arrived to assist with the search. Members of the sheriff’s office also were assisting local police at the scene.
The search continued and the victim was found about 3 p.m.


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  1. My heart is broken for my hometown. Prayers for the family and friends. God speed young man.

  2. Heartbreaking but do you really think it is appropriate to name the drowning victim at this point? Maybe give his family time to contact who they would like to tell personally, perhaps have some time to deal with the tragic news before reading it online? Heartless Bowie News!

    • Bowie news have a heart. Yea right its all about looking good for the paper and getting that cover story. Heartless people

    • You’re so right, she obviously hasn’t lost a child, I’d like to see her reaction when one of her kids pass and its blasted all over the internet

  3. Prayers to the family, and friends, and to our wonderful first responders. And for our city.

  4. Prayers for this family and whole community. Lord lift them up as only you can do! Amen

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