National Hamburger Day on Memorial Day

It’s no coincidence that National Hamburger Day falls on Memorial Day. This long weekend offers Americans a great opportunity to shop, grill out and be with friends and family. But how does each state like their burger? And where does each state prefer to go to get their grub on?

To celebrate this juicy holiday, our deal experts at surveyed over 1,000 consumers across the nation about all things Hamburgers. Read on to see how your state stacks up:

  • Texas followed nationwide trends, with a majority (24%) choosing Five Guys as their favorite burger joint. McDonalds (16%) and Burger King (15%) followed in second and third place. The Texas-based chain Whataburger came in at just 2%, according to Texas consumers.
  • 49% of Texans said a classic burger is their favorite, while 14% prefer to order a double. Grass-fed burgers (12%) and turkey burgers (11%) are also popular options for Texas.
  • What do Texans like to put on their burgers? Here are the top five toppings for your state:
    • Cheese (60%)
    • Bacon (46%)
    • Tomatoes (52%)
    • Lettuce (57%)
    • Onion (46%)
  • 14% of Texans admitted to eating burgers several times a week, while 34% chow down just once a week. 29% will only stop at their favorite burger joint once a month