Fugitive alert prompts message registrations

On the night of June 16 when a mass notification went out to Bowie area residents about the search for a fugitive many residents had questions about how to receive those messages so they might be prepared for any other types of alert or emergency.
The mass notification service is handled by Montague County Emergency Management Coordinator Kelly McNabb and operates under the name Cross Timbers Resident Notices.
Those wishing to register may go to the county webpage at: co.montague.tx.us. On the lower left column scroll down to the title and click on the tab. It will provide a place to set up a new messaging account similar to other types of internet accounts.
“It’s a good system to get messages out to the general public similar to what was sent out Saturday night or tornado or storm warnings. You can send it to everyone or target a particular like the City of Bowie and its outskirts,” explained McNabb.

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