MCTAD budgets rise just under 5.5% for 2019

The Montague County Tax Appraisal District received its first approval of the 2018-19 proposed budgets from the commissioner’s court Monday, and they will not fan out to the other 13 entities that will consider them.
Kim Haralson, chief appraiser, presented the budgets pointing to an overall increase of 5.17 percent in the appraisal district budget and 5.45 in the collections budget.
The appraisal district budget is one of the few items that touch every taxing district in the county due to its overall function to appraise all the property.
Those included on the appraisal budget are Alvord, Bowie, Forestburg, Gold-Burg, Montague, Nocona, Prairie Valley, Saint Jo and Slidell Independent School Districts; the cities of Bowie, Nocona and Saint Jo and Montague County.

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