Road trip fun: A wrong turn can be ok

By Barbara Green

It’s summertime in Texas and maybe you are considering a road trip. It is a tradition as old as cars themselves.
It could be two weeks or just a three-day weekend, but it gives you a chance to breathe easy with no demands on your time. Say good-bye to work, phone calls, email, house cleaning, grocery shopping and hit the road.
Road trips are reminiscent of the Route 66 era as it rolled through small towns, and gave birth to quirky motels, and bizarre roadside attractions. It was the “Main Street of America” because it spanned the country until the Interstate Highways made it obsolete.
My husband, Keith and I have been on a National Park binge for our vacations during the last eight or nine years, but we also love a quick weekend jaunt up a highway we have never traveled.
I’m a crazy planner when it comes to vacations. I only have a set amount of time and I want to make the most of it. I always want to know where my head will lay each night, but I’m happy to take an unexpected exit.

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