People wonder: How did a tombstone end up along the RR track

The Rivenbark marker lies along a Bowie railroad track along with other pieces of granite and marble. (Photo by Barbara Green)
The grave marker lies along the tracks located behind Bowie Industries. (Photo by Barbara Green)

It was originally thought to possibly be a stolen tombstone abandoned along the railroad track, but it appears to have been left behind long ago when the rail line was used to transport granite and marble for markers, along with markers to be recycled.
Recently, Bowie Police Lt. Randy Hanson went on a call to check on a large tombstone lying along the Burlington Northern track located in the area behind Bowie Industries. He anticipated it was a smaller, older stone maybe taken as a prank from a cemetery.
“We were walking the tracks and I guess I overlooked it, but Officer Travis Fuller saw it. It was very close to the color of the reddish dirt around,” said Hanson.
He has worked vandalized tombstones, but not stolen ones.
This was a full-size, two-person family style marker. The stone was for Rivenbark, Virgie M, born 1896 and William A. born Sept. 29, 1931 and died June 23, 1952. It states in memory of a loving son indicating it may have been a mother and son.
Detective Hanson thought he had something unusual, but after talking to Assistant Chief Kent Stagg, similar smaller stones have been found along the tracks.

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