Second Monday Trade Days readies 125th anniversary party

Bowie’s Second Monday Trade Days celebrates its 125th anniversary with a weekend full of activities Aug. 11-12.
Second Monday Trade Days was launched in August 1982 as stockmen from Montague, Clay and Wise Counties conceived the need for a central market.
Virg Young, Charley young and Tom Southard of Bowie, Charley Sharp of Sunset, Lewis and Jim George of Decatur and a number of other stockmen were active in launching the movement.
Bowie was selected as a central point and the second Monday of the month picked as the weekend with the first event in August, 1893.
An article in the Aug. 4, 1966 Bowie News states the initial gathering was on a vacant area of land adjoining the north side of Montague Street. A large livestock barn was located at the corner of Montague and Smythe Streets convenient to the trade yard. This barn had been a stock trading center sometime when the monthly events began. Work horses and mules constituted the trade offerings for quite a number of years.
Thousands of them were on the trade yard and other parts of town most every trade day. Vendors also set up along the railroad tracks that ran through downtown as the offerings grew as the consumer’s needs changed. The event grew, evolved and eventually moved to Pelham Park and become a city operation on May 14, 1976.
Celebrating a tradition that dates back to 1893, the celebration will have a bit of western slant with cowboy music, gunfights and a chuckwagon. All activities are free except those noted with a fee. There also will be many giveaways during the day. Food vendors will be on hand selling food on the grounds.

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