Stallcup debates ‘revenue neutral’ model for rate structures; budget delayed

It’s back to the drawing board for the City of Bowie budget as its adoption Monday night was waylaid by one councilman who said he would not support any tax or rate increase whether it be a $1 or a penny.
After the council approved the proposed budget at its last meeting, it appeared set for adoption; however one councilman demanded a discussion of the utility rates, while another said she could not make any decision without seeing a complete budget.
The panel was two members short Monday as Terry Gunter and Machelle Mills were absent.
After nearly 60 minutes of debate, the council tabled action on both water and sewer rate proposals, plus the budget adoption until the full council could be present. It was a long, convoluted path to those decisions.
The council will have a called session at 5 p.m. on Sept. 14, and possibly next week as the budget needs to be adopted before Sept. 20 to allow the required time for reading the ordinances twice in time for the new fiscal year which begins on Oct. 1.

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