Brief agenda fills council meeting

It was a brief meeting of the Montague County Commissioner’s Court on Monday as routine agenda items were approved.

The Sheriff of Montague County was authorized to resell a foreclosed property struck off to the Montague County trustee.

It is part of three tracks with two falling in the Alvord Independent School District and one in the Bowie ISD.

While a mitigation plan update was listed on the commissioner court agenda, Judge Rick Lewis said there was not an update as no other meeting had occurred.
The next meeting will take place at 2 p.m. in Jacksboro on Oct. 22.

“There’s really not much to update since the last commissioner’s court meeting,” explained Lewis. “There is quite a bit of information to go over with the contract company, H20. There’s three pieces that require quite a bit of documentation with H20 and this next meeting is the second part of that, so we are moving closer to having our part done.”

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