County-wide warrant roundup nets 27 arrests

Twenty-seven people were arrested and 101 warrants served after a coordinated warrant roundup by the Montague County Sheriff’s Office, City of Bowie Police, Nocona Police and Department of Public Safety on Oct. 11.

“We had a high visibility day which basically means a warrant roundup with agencies all over the county participating, including the Bowie Police, Nocona Police, Montague County Sheriff’s Office and Department of Public Safety,” said Bowie Police Sergeant Bob Blackburn.

It was a busy day for all officers, communications and jail detention officers, but Montague County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jack Lawson said everyone worked hard and did their part to make the day a success.

“It was a really outstanding effort by all these departments working together,” said Lawson. “Everybody did their own thing and everyone helped each other. All those departments would bring the arrested people to the county jail, which was pretty slammed. We had jail detention officers coming in off duty, and the same goes for the communications. The whole thing was a coordinated effort by the departments involved and that is why it was so successful.”

Six of the warrants served became on view arrests, and two were stopped on traffic violations but had warrants.

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