Mill Street to reopen later today at least temporarily

Two weeks ago the new culverts were laid at Mill Street. (Photo by Barbara Green)

The storm drainage repair on North Mill in Bowie has been completed and Stoney Lowrance, head of the street department, said he expects to open the road, at least temporarily this afternoon hopefully by 3:30 p.m.. The culverts have been replaced and the area has been filled in with street based rolled out on top awaiting the chip and seal. Lowrance said depending on the weather he hopes to next shoot oil on the road, followed by the chip and seal as soon as possible.  During that process the road would once again be closed for a brief period.

The road has been closed since early February after the large storm culvert rusted out and the road asphalt began to collapse. Two large 48-inch culverts were installed in 70-foot lengths. Concrete headwalls were then poured and they began to fill in the trench. The galvanized culverts were believed to be more than 50 years old.