Nocona Council passes new ordinance

Drivers of any utility vehicles or golf carts driven on city streets must now have a driver’s license according to a new ordinance implemented by the Nocona City Council during its Tuesday night meeting.

“If we are having a car show and have events downtown and the street is blocked, people will still be able to drive the utility vehicles and golf carts on Clay Street, but they will need a driver’s license,” explained Nocona City Secretary Revell Hardison.

Drivers also are required to have insurance and the vehicle must be in good working order including tail lights and head lights, or a driver can be ticketed by police.

“The state regulated this to some extend that you can’t’ drive on a state highway and so forth, but this is regulating on city streets that you have to have a driver’s license. So a minor without a driver’s license cannot get in a golf cart or utility vehicle and drive down a city street,” said Hardison.

The Nocona Economic Development will provide $15,000 from the two boards for the paving of 10th Street located next to Nocona Brewery.

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