Who are Bowie’s Chicken and Bread boys?

Who are Bowie’s Chicken and Bread Boys?
It was the late 1800s and a new decade was almost upon America’s young west. Tenderfoots, immigrants and others were working their way across this new land. The railroad was steaming its way into new frontiers. Bowie was right on the way.
On July 1, 1892, the Fort Worth and Denver Railroad sent its first train into the city. Within a year of its arrival, a tent city had sprung up along the tracks with a population of more than 1,000. By 1883, more than 50 houses of business were established and Bowie was called “Year Old Wonder of the West.”
As Bowie began to thrive and grow, enterprising young men sought ways to make their livelihood. Peddling fried chicken and fresh bread along the tracks to passengers seemed natural. Some of the early vendors included Perry Stallings, John White, the Turner boys and a young man some may know, Amon Carter.

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