City says three petitions don’t comply with city charter

The three petitions submitted to the City of Bowie regarding the elimination of building codes and stipulations for electric rate billing were returned to their organizers late Monday afternoon with a note that simply stated: “Your documents do not comply with the city charter.”
City Secretary Sandy Page delivered the paperwork to Tawni Jones Monday and told her the city attorney had advised her to inform them the petitions do not comply with the city charter.
All three petitions were titled “Petition for Initiative,” with two demanding the city eliminate the adopted building codes from applying to the Main Street or Central Business District and the repeal of the same codes and replacing them with the state minimums.
Petition three demanded the council adopt an ordinance creating a maximum amount to be billed for the electrical costs to include actual power costs and distribution of 10 cents per kilowatt hour plus additional budget stipulations requirements.
City Manager Bert Cunningham reaffirmed the petitions were not valid because of legal reasons and based on the structure of the petition it could be presented to the council in that form based on the charter.

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CORRECTION- There was an error in this story. The petitions were not returned to Tawni Jones, but to Tami Buckmaster by the mayor. We apologize for this error.