CM asks for budget direction with new council; city consider buying golf course

Bowie City Manager Bert Cunningham wasted no time in getting “direction” from the new composition of the city council Monday night asking how he should proceed based on campaign proposals offered by two new members.
There also were discussions about the city possibly buying the golf course and building a solar array.
Following last week’s elections, new council members took their seats Monday. Incumbent Councilor Chuck Malone took the oath, along with Tami Buckmaster and Thomas Kent. Wayne Bell was re-elected by the council to serve as mayor protem.
Outgoing Councilors Terry Gunter and Craig Stallcup also were presented with Bowie knife plaques for their service to the council.
Buckmaster and Kent have both promoted various agendas across social media even prior to their campaign runs for council. Cunningham said he brought no animosity with his statement, but he wants to know the council’s feelings based on positions two new members had during their campaigns.

“My question is, are we going to continue on the road set for ourselves to upgrade or follow their agendas and cut back on everything. The reason I want this vote now is we don’t need to borrow any money if we are not going to proceed. We can handle regular spending with the present budget or we can borrow money to finance equipment and get to work. I am not asking how you will vote on each project, but I need to know how to manage based on your direction. Our budget was passed in September to borrow $2 million, is that still the plan or are we changing direction? I need this answered,” explained Cunningham.

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