Code, electric rate petitions delivered to City of Bowie

Cover page of one of three petitions presented to the city on Oct. 30. (photo by Barbara Green)

A series of three petitions have been submitted to the City of Bowie asking the city council for action on repealing and eliminating building codes, along with establishing a maximum amount that can be billed for electricity.
Several local citizens have been gathering signatures for many months and the completed lists were submitted to City Secretary Sandy Page shortly before 5 p.m. on Oct. 30.
Per the municipal code a petition must be signed by qualified voters of the city equal in numbers to 20 percent of the number of votes cast at the last regular municipal election of the city or 150, whichever is greater. The city secretary has five days to verify the names and submit it to the city council if it is found to be in the proper form.

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