YouTube videographer films confrontation video with Bowie police


The Bowie Police Department has become the target of a YouTube channel that is famous for traveling around the country confronting law officers, filming those instances and placing them on YouTube.
The incident occurred shortly after midnight on Oct. 31 when a man, later identified as James Freeman, was seen video taping around the police department and city offices located on Lindsay Street. He noted the time as 12:24 a.m.
The video shows Freeman walking up to the city office front door, which was locked and then walking in the front door of the PD to its locked security door. Freeman never made any request to enter. The dispatcher radioed officers.
The man went back outside continuing to film the parking lot where personal vehicles of officers were parked, when Officers Paul Magers and Cody Stone arrived on the scene. Magers asked Freeman if he could help him and the man responded he did not need anything.
The officer asked what he was doing and also for his identification, the conversation immediately became tense as Freeman said the officer had no right to ask him anything if he was not breaking the law. Officer Stone told the man he could go across the street and video, but Freeman said he was on a public easement. Freeman asked Magers what was going to happen and the officer said we will see, which Freeman made him feel threatened.

Read the full story in the mid-week News.

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  1. It should also be noted that he has NO interest in Bowie, or any of the Departments he has harassed. He’s not from here, he’s simply an antagonist, who makes it his job to go around and try and provoke PDs. He was in Childress, I believe, earlier doing that same thing that day. Then he proceeds to get all his buddies from all over the US (again, who have absolutely no interests in Bowie, or the PD, and his goons haven’t even been here!) and rates them bad on facebook. Thats their ultimate goal. Perhaps striving for whatever they have been (justly) denied in life, like success, or their 15 minutes. Our PD handled the coward quite well, in my opinion.

  2. The police had the right to ask anything they wanted. The citizen had the right to not answer anything but his true name and place of residence.

  3. I suppose I am the only one in this area who believes that some officers over step their bounds because they wear the badge.
    I have not only watched this video but all his other ones.
    In my opinion he is trying to educate the american people including police departments on our rights.
    The departments or officers that even mildly get upset are the ones who over step.
    Do I know that an officer, any officer, should be shown respect? Yes I do. But I also know that an officer, any officer, should never outwardly show disrespect or disrespectful actions toward anyone because they think they can because they wear the badge.

  4. I saw the videos and thought the town looks so quiet at night. This fella Freeman is a real trouble maker to come out here after midnight and try to stir up trouble. He should be thankful he wasn’t arrested. I think all of the officers were doing the right job especially big daddy Magers. I later found out that this Freeman has been arrested before in AZ for criminal trespass and taking pictures of a Federal entrance to a military installation, a big no no this day and age. If he really wants to help people he should join the Salvation Army or Peace Corp. Good job Bowie P.D!

    • Since the photographer never committed ANY illegal act, he had no reason to fear arrest. Thanks to the egregiously bad behavior by Magers, I can see where he feared unlawful physical abuse at Mager’s hands.

      Tho the rest were much calmer, ALL need to be retrained that the photogrpaher performed NO illegal acts. Suspicion is NOT a crime. They have the right to investigate but having visually confirmed that it’s just a person with a camera, they job ends!

    • Actually, you can film the entrance to a military installation as long as you are standing on a publicly accessible area. The Supreme Court has ruled on this already and he is allowed to do it. This Officer Magers really needs to have some perspective and understand that police DO NOT have the right to do as they wish. If you are not suspected of a crime, you do not have to produce ID. Simple as that. As for Freeman being arrested, they could not make them stick because he did not trespass.

      Nice Try.

  5. Officer Magers is a solid example of why we have so much tension between lawful citizens, and our brothers and sisters who serve the public and wear the badge. His gleeful smile when the situation starts to tip towards escalation was telling. Step by step you can witness Officer Magers guide the situation towards escalation. If Officer Stone had not been there to deftly de-escalate, no doubt this would have ended with yet another ‘winable’ high dollar lawsuit that the citizens of Bowie can’t
    afford. Would you want this man guarding your back? A man with so little control of his temper and appetite has no business wearing a gun, and most likely doesn’t deserve the trust and privilege he has been granted. But that is just my opinion. I don’t know the man.

  6. I like the way the reporting is slanted in favor of the police. I am pro-police, but when they pull a stunt like Officer Magers (I remember his name because he said it four times in the video), there needs to be some correction. The police serve the public, not the other way around. Report the FULL story rather than just the bits you find convenient.

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