Jackrabbits lose frantic game against Burkburnett 80-70

There was no time for slow anything Tuesday night as Burkburnett came in to Bowie with more than a tinge of enthusiasm.

The Bulldogs’ ferocious full-court press and energy eventually wore on the Jackrabbits as Burkburnett pulled away in the fourth quarter to win 80-70.
Right away, fans could tell there was going to be no time for either team to have a two minute slump on offense if either team was going to stay in the game.

The Bulldogs jumped out to a 7-2 lead in the first minute and half of the game as their press seemed to punch the Bowie players right in the face, even though they knew they were prepared for what was to come.

The Jackrabbits responded right back and tied the score at 7-7 after less than a minute as it took advantage of the holes in the press.

The rest of the quarter played out with the blistering pace. Burkburnett had no one physically who could do anything about Bowie’s Daniel Mosely. With him being the beneficiary of the final pass in two on one opportunities and with defenders scrambling to pressure anyone with the ball, Mosley was sent to the free throw line a ton.

The Bulldogs played fast offensively as well, with three-point shots getting shot with little abandon and patience being thrown out the window.

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