Six kids ‘just seems natural’ says Josh, Kaylee Yeargin


When Josh and Kaylee Yeargin married in 2013 they knew they wanted to have a big family, but if you had told them it would center around six adopted children plus many more foster children they may have laughed. However, today the father of this brood feels “this was the way it was meant to be.”

This Thanksgiving there were new things to be thankful for within this family as three children had their adoptions finalized a few days before Thanksgiving on National Adoption Day.
The Yeargins filled half of the courtroom in Wichita Falls as the judge read the final decrees that made Moni, age 14, Mia, six and Joshua, four, officially part of the Yeargin clan.

In a few months, nine-month old Rinley will have her adoption finalized, joining Rodley, two, who was adopted last year and Maddy, 13, who was the first child adopted by the couple when she was only 10.

The family wore black T-shirts emblazoned with the words, “The adoption took time, the love arrived instantly.” On the back were the kid’s names, while Josh and Kaylee’s shirts simply stated mom and dad. Other family members also had similar attire. Josh says it was an overwhelming day full of love and tears.

The beginning

Josh Yeargin, 34, and Kaylee, 25, both grew up and graduated in Nocona. Josh has worked for Nokona Athletic Goods the past 15 years. Kaylee worked at the Dairy Queen where she met her future husband. Josh laughs he was single, couldn’t cook and DQ had good tacos.

Marrying in 2013 they wanted to begin a family because they both love kids, but after three years of trying the doctor told Kaylee it would be hard for her. Josh adds the doctor didn’t say it was impossible, so the couple prayed on it and turned it over to God’s will.

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  1. Congrats to Josh n Kaylee…
    I’m so happy for ALL of u…
    the Lords blessings in so many packages..
    Dale n I love seeing n hearing this..
    Continue giving out that unconditional love.. proud of u both

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