UTGCD staff attempts to clarify rule proposals

By the UTGCD staff
As most residents of the District are aware, the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District is proposing several changes to the rules regulating water well in Hood, Montague, Parker and Wise Counties, the bulk of which is implementing a permitting system as required by state law.
The UTGCD will conduct a public hearing at 4 p.m. on Jan. 28 at the district office located at 1859 West Highway 199, Springtown. Call the district staff at 817-523-5200, with any questions.
It has come to the attention of district’s staff and board of directors that much of the information going around is not completely accurate, so this is the district’s attempt to clarify what is actually being proposed.
It is worth mentioning up front the UTGCD has no intention and is not proposing to require meters or permits for private domestic (household) wells or any wells used for agriculture purposes. Any rumors you may have heard to the contrary are 100 percent false.
The other hot topic of discussion is related to the proposed increase in the minimum tract size requirement, from two to five acres, for new wells.
The driving factor behind this proposed change is to ensure water continues to be available to the homes and businesses in our area by promoting more sustainable growth. Currently, a large number of new developments depend on private water wells at each lot as the sole source of water.

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