Water line upgrades begin in City of Bowie

A dedicated water distribution line crew began laying a water line at Hudspeth and Mill Monday. It is the first in a series of budgeted projects. The new excavator purchased specifically for this type of work also got its first workout. (News photo by Barbara Green)

The first in a program of water distribution system line improvements began on Monday in the area of Mill and Hudspeth Streets as the City of Bowie crew also put the new excavator to work.
The bright, shiny yellow CAT excavator is one of the large pieces of equipment purchased by the city this year with plans to make major line improvements. The new machine was purchased for $108,000, financed through a public property finance contract. The $300,000 worth of new water lines was financed through tax notes.
Dean Grant, director of public works, said the Hudspeth Street water line is the first project in the program. The dedicated crew will lay 500 feet of six-inch water line halfway down Hudspeth and 500 feet of four-inch line to finish it off. He said the line needs to be upgraded because it has too many connections.

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