Citizens organizing beautification committee

Dillon Steen and Margin Latham talks about beautification at the organizational meeting of the new committee last Saturday. (News photo by Barbara Green)

The newly organized Bowie beautification committee had its first meeting Saturday morning toss around lots of ideas and questions.
This meeting was coordinated by Margin Latham and Dillon Steen. Both said they were recruited by Mayor Gaylynn Burris to help launch a clean-up and spruce-up program.
Latham has many years of experience working in a variety of community programs, and she said they would succeed if they all work together.
“You can’t legislat pride, but maybe we can generate it,” said Latham.
There were discussions about clean-up days and how they could assist those who may be unable to do clean-up in their yards due to age or other reasons. It was agreed a monthly clean-up should be set on Saturday prior to bulk trash pickup days and possibly prior to free dump days.
Beautification in the form of flowers, shrubs or other forms of exterior decoration were examined. Steen offered several ideas about taking items around your home and yard and redoing them for outdoor decoration or use.

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  1. If they got with keep texas beautiful, they will have support, and recognized, and can win grant money from the texas hwy dept, for beautiful embellishments around. It’s a great organization.

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