Council workshop tacked on after regular meeting agenda

The Bowie City Council workshop has been scheduled to follow the regular Feb. 11 meeting that begins at 6 p.m. in the council chambers.
Trying to schedule a workshop on a Saturday was tough for busy council members, so a meeting night discussion was scheduled. Items scheduled for the workshop agenda include the following:
• Internal controls and cash handling policy.
• Procedures and laws regarding renovations.
• Community room renovations.
• City council rules of procedure.
• Initiative and referendum.
• Electric rate change ordinance.
The agenda states no voting or action will be taken at this workshop.
During the regular agenda, an executive session is planned to discuss real property, the possible purchase of Twisted Oaks Golf Course.
During the Jan. 28 meeting the council tabled any action directing the city staff to explore possible funding actions. Twisted Oaks was closed on Nov. 1, 2018 and shortly thereafter a group of supporters approached the city about taking over its operation.
Back in 2011 when the course was in foreclosure the city also had been approached, but Bowie attorney Greg Underwood bought it. He in turn sold it in 2014 to a trio of local men of which Dewayne Hamilton remains the only one who was actively involved.

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