Neighborhood Watch launches in Bowie

Stephanie Post welcomes citizens to the first public meeting of the Neighborhood Watch. (Photo by Barbara Green)

About 25 people attended the first public meeting of the Bowie Neighborhood Watch Thursday night as the new citizen’s group is organized in the city.
Stephanie Post and several other volunteers are coordinating the program assisted by the Bowie Police Department. Introducing herself to the group, she and her husband, Ken, moved to Bowie from Kenosha, WI where they took part in the neighborhood watch that attempted to tackle drugs, gangs and the bullying of their neighbors.
Post said while Bowie does not have a “crime wave,” they would like to be prepared and work together as a team with neighbors and the police department.
Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most well-know crime prevention concepts in North America. According to the National Sheriff’s Association, the program has roots dating back to colonial times when night watchmen patrolled the streets. In the late 1960s it came to prominence due to an increase in crime rates.

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