Montague County Grand Jury takes no action on Hall case

The Montague County Grand Jury took no action on a referral case submitted by the Bowie Police Department regarding a Feb. 1 incident between Bowie High School Coach Chuck Hall and a 14-year-old male student.
There were a total of 20 cases presented to the grand jury on Monday. Along with the no action case there were four no bills where the panel declined to indict, 13 indictments and the remaining two sealed awaiting the arrest of suspects.
Polhemus said when there is no arrest in a case it is called a referral, but it does not change the presentation of the facts from the investigation. The grand jury declined to take any action.
According to the Bowie Police offense report the student threw a dodge ball at Hall striking him in the face. Hall then reportedly yelled at the teen to get out of his class in the gym and the boy ran to the other side of the gym with Hall following him. Based on the report witnesses were unclear if Hall stopped the teen or the boy fell down on his own, but video indicated they were on the ground with Hall on top of the teen. The coach then allegedly pulled the boy up by his shoulders and made him leave the gym.

Read the full list of grand jury indictments in the mid-week Bowie News.

3 Comments on Montague County Grand Jury takes no action on Hall case

  1. I think this is a wise decision. Both parties know that results could have been much more damaging to each party had this run out. Public opinion toward both individuals could have proven to be severely damaging.

  2. I don’t feel couch Hall should go through this both r very wrong both should b punished yes but not like this it’s not right

  3. It’s very wrong for any staff to be on top of a child period. Dodgeball really an your not going to get hit? If it were my child I would be extremely upset

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