Amon Carter opens despite rain forecast

The picnic areas at Selma Park closest to Lake Amon G. Carter are under water this morning as the lake and park were closed. (May 4 2019 Photo by Barbara Green)

With the popular Memorial Day weekend just a week away, City of Bowie officials reopened Lake Amon G. Carter to boating traffic on Friday.
The lake has been closed since May 2 when almost six inches of rain fell across the area. The lake at its height on May 4 hit 924.04 mean sea level. It is considered full at 920 msl.
Lake Amon Carter has been full the past years hovering between 920 and 921. As of Friday the lake level was at 921.82 msl dropping from 922.88 one week ago.
State Game Warden Chase McAninch said the lake has been going down pretty quickly. He encourages any boaters to pay attention to flooded areas that may be covering structures and watch for debris that may be floating in the water.
Selma Park has reopened, however, it does not have restroom facilities and the only electric service at camping sites is located upon the hill. There is no power to the sites near the water.
Stormy weather was forecast late Friday and into Saturday. To check the lake stautus visit: