Grass clippings ordinance passes Bowie council

An ordinance regulating the disposal of grass clippings and related yard debris on the city streets, alleys and rights-of-way was approved by the Bowie City Council Monday night, but not without debate on its intent.
Last month the first reading passed with Councilor Chuck Malone the only no vote. Monday night it passed with Arlene Bishop and Tami Buckmaster voting no.
When it was initially presented, Street Department Director Stony Lowrance explained the yard debris continues to be a big problem clogging up storm drains and there are even citizens who have their lawns mowed and then call the street department demanding they come clean up the grass that has blown into the streets.

Code Officer David Rainey told the council a lot of cities have similar ordinances and this is just another small tool to help handle certain problem properties. He called it a step in the right direction to stop clogging sewer drains and help water ponding.
The code officer continued he will undertake a public awareness campaign during the next 90 days. Then when complaints come up he will talk with the people explaining the ordinance and its intention.
“The best thing is to mow so the grass goes back into the yard not the street. Tall grass properties see the largest accumulation and that is where the complaints often come. It is about accumulation not a small bit of grass in the street,” explained Rainey.

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