Police serve search warrant, find portable meth lab, marijuana grow room

Bowie Police seized what they called a portable methamphetamine lab stored in a backpack. It contains chemicals and items used to make meth, and police added they can be combustible. (Courtesy photo)
Eight marijuana plants were found at various stages of growth at the residence. (Courtesy photo)

Bowie Police executed a search warrant at a local residence seizing items believed to be a portable methamphetamine lab, eight live marijuana plants of various sizes and at least 10 grams of methamphetamine.
The warrant was run the afternoon of May 29 at 403 Ussery. Sgt. Bob Blackburn said the warrant was obtained after a lengthy investigation of possible drug trafficking at the residence.
“We had received complaints from citizens about the foot and automobile traffic to this house, which was indicative of drug traffic. We also conducted surveillance of the property, and information from CrimeStoppers also was received,” explained Blackburn.
The police served the warrant to William Lloyd Walker II, 40, who lives at the house. There were several other people staying there, but not as permanent residents.

Items seized included what police called a portable methamphetamine lab contained in a backpack, a grow room with eight marijuana plants of various sizes, numerous items of drug paraphernalia and items often connected with drug trafficking including packaging and digital scales.

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