BPD makes push on drug trafficking within city

An AK47 with two loaded magazines, a large amount of green marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine were found during a traffic stop this week. (Courtesy photo)
Emil Marinov

Bowie Police Department’s drug interdiction efforts appear to be paying off with numerous recent arrests related to possible drug trafficking from other areas and involving locals.
Police Sgt. Bob Blackburn said there was one arrest this week that yielded cocaine, morphine pills and high grade marijuana purchased at a Colorado dispensary, plus one arrest for an intoxicated person found to have methamphetamine which police say may lead to additional arrests.
“Methamphetamine continues to be the biggest scourge on our community. Heroin is creeping in and we have some cocaine, but meth is the biggest contributor to property crimes, domestic violence and disturbances and action with Child Protective Services,” explained Blackburn.
Bowie also has become something of a “half-way point” for the delivery of drugs of all sorts. The legalization of drugs is Colorado and other states also is making an impact in this area.
“The Walmart parking lot, the old Texaco on U.S. 287 and Cougar Mound are becoming popular drop-off spots to deliver drugs. Folks are bringing items from Colorado to meet up here with folks from Dallas or Austin or even Louisiana. You have out-of-towners and in-towners buying, selling and delivering,” explained Blackburn. Read the full story in the weekend News.

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  1. when did colorado legalize “drugs”. No wonder its easy to slip bpd….they are dumb.

    • Colorado has legalized the sale of marijuana, and it is not uncommon for people to go buy in that state and return here to Texas and sell it. Numerous arrests have included receipts from the Colorado dispensaries. The story referred to the legalized sale of marijuana in Colorado.

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