10 jailed in drug warrant roundup, 2 more sought

Bowie Police seized 35-40 grams of methamphetamine during a late May search warrant at 707 Raymond Street. Estimated street value for the meth is about $2,400. (Bowie Police photo)

A total of 10 people have been arrested in Bowie during the last two weeks stemming from an extensive drug investigation that has been ongoing since February.
Two additional suspects are wanted on outstanding warrants connected with this investigation. Sgt. Bob Blackburn of the Bowie Police Department explained the investigation in illegal drug distribution related to these cases began in February and came to a head in May leading to a series of search warrants executed for suspects.
“Every single one of these cases were tied together in some shape or fashion and were connected amongst each other,” said Blackburn.
Blackburn said the police department conducts this warrant roundup at different intervals when evidence and investigations warrant.
“This many calms things down and we see an immediate impact on property crimes and disturbances. Methamphetamine is directly tied to both of those types of crime, as well as many Child Protective Services interactions. When we have proactive enforcement on meth we see a direct impact,” he explained.
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