BISD shooting for balanced 2020 budget

Bowie School Trustees received a clearer view of its proposed budget as salary schedules for all the staff were presented Monday night, along with projections for how 2018-19’s fiscal year may end.
Ken Korbel, chief financial officers, and Superintendent Blake Enlow presented new calculations for the budgets.
In trying to gauge where the present fiscal year may end, Korbel said the state is only at 73 percent of its funding, leaving the district waiting for about $900,000. At this point BISD is looking at a $1,606,608 deficit; however, with one more month to go in the budget year adding in payroll and payables, that deficit will jump to a little more than $3 million.
Originally the district was anticipating a deficit in the $2.4 to $2.6 million range.

Board President Jacky Betts pointed out if they take out the energy retrofit project money of about $1.6 million, and the $375,000 in the statewide compressor lawsuit settlement, the deficit will be more like $900,000. The initial payment to E3 in the energy project came out of fund balance.
Korbel confirmed that would be about right. The CFO said he will know more as they wrap up the salary accruals for the 10-month employees, makes retirement system adjustments and go through the budget to make any final changes. Read the full story in the mid-week Bowie News.