Commissioners change SO, jail payroll process

A long slate of topics were addressed by the Montague County Commissioner’s Court Monday, including several annual agreements.
The payroll process for the sheriff’s office and jail was changed to help even out the payments.
Treasurer LaVonda Langford explained the pay period is 28 days for the members of this staff and with the 171 rule, 171 hours is the maximum they can work at which point any additional hours go to comp time.
Under the new 86 rule the staff is guaranteed 172 hours or 86 each pay period. Commissioner Bob Langford said this will certainly simplify things, splitting it all even and he doesn’t know why they didn’t do that before.
Chief Deputy Jack Lawson said there are no negatives as far as he can see because it will be easier for the staff to know what they will receive each pay period. This change will be effective with the next pay period. Read the full story in the your mid-week Bowie News.