Football coaches taking heat precautions as two-a-days begin

2018 Midnight Madness with the Bowie Jackrabbits. (Photo by Jordan Neal)

Football practices across the state start on Monday.
While the standard two-a-day practices are gone, the Texas summer heat can still be incredibly brutal in August with temperatures expected to be in the 90s next week.
Long ago practices that dads and granddads like to tell of coaches withholding water from their players to make them tougher has long gone by the wayside as the fear of heat stroke is known to be deadly no matter how tough a player is.
Two-a-day practices in Texas were given a rule in 2011 the second practice can only be a non-contact walk-through style practice two hours after the first within the first four days of practice.
Some coaches best strategy to avoid any extreme type of situations by scheduling earlier practices while having water available at all times.
Some coaches are tackling the heat head on like Bowie Coach Cory Mandrell as the team is starting practice at 3 p.m. on Monday.

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