New Bowie Intermediate Principal Lee Ann Farris always knew she wanted to be a teacher.
As a child she would make little worksheets for her friends and then she would grade them as they played school.
The future educator adored her first grade teacher, Delores Clement, who later became “MeMe” to her. Another big influence was Delores’ daughter Kris, who was Lee Ann’s babysitter.
“Kris would bring her college work when she babysat me, and I just wanted to be like her. The Clements family had a big impact on me. Delores taught more than 30 years here and was a sweet, sweet lady I miss,” explains Farris.
Working in Bowie is a homecoming for the former Lee Ann Richardson, a 1995 graduate of Bowie High School and the daughter of Toni and Larry Richardson. The 42-year-old has been married to Brant Farris for almost 20 years. Brant is a Bowie High School coach and math teacher, and they are raising two children, Addie, sophomore and Boston, seventh grade.

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