‘Adopt a Cemetery’ group being formed

Marjorie Hess talks about the history of Lt. Van Roberts at Southward Magee Cemetery, where the Ranger was laid to rest after he was killed by Indians in 1867. This is one of the many small cemeteries across the county. (News file photo)

The Montague County Historical Cemetery Preservation Board in conjunction with the Montague County Historical Commission has undertaken the task of cataloging all the cemeteries in the county.
Presently the group is locating cemeteries and logging global positioning system readings, accessing the cemetery’s condition, determining if there is a group or organization caring for the cemetery and ranking them by need.
Many of the cemeteries are well maintained and cared for.
Others need immediate attention. This is a major under taking.
There are approximately 115 known cemeteries in the county. There may be other cemeteries you are aware of and the group is not.
Because the main purpose is preserving the county’s history, the group is asking for help. The group would like to start a program called “Adopt a Cemetery.”
The first task will be to clean and mow the cemeteries.
Perhaps you have a cemetery near you or you have ancestors buried in an old cemetery. There are many ways to help.
It could be as simple as making the group aware of a cemetery on your land, choosing a cemetery and planning a cleanup day or making a donation to the cemetery board.
For more information call 940-934 -6325 or 940-964-2336; or email: Beckey.scott@yahoo.com.