TNMP warns of imposters; power outage planned Monday night

Texas New Mexico Power shows how an actual field employee looks for the company. (Courtesy photo)

Officials from Texas New Mexico Power posted a warning on its Facebook about some imposters posting as employees of the company seeking payment.

Copied from the FB Post on Sept. 27:

NOCONA and nearby areas: Reports received Thursday of impostors driving a white van, pretending to be from TNMP, demanding payment and threatening power disconnection. It’s bogus.

We don’t send bills or collect payments (that’s between your billing company and you). Also, we never need to enter your home.

If people fitting this description visit your property, turn them away, then call law enforcement to provide descriptions and other details. Please warn friends/neighbors, especially anyone you may consider more vulnerable and/or who does *not* use social media.

Power outage scheduled

MONTAGUE, NOCONA, SAINT JO & RINGGOLD AREAS: An overnight power outage is planned that will affect all of your communities. The outage is scheduled to start Monday, Sept. 30, at about 11:30 p.m. We estimate that power will be restored by 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday (and hopefully sooner). We appreciate it’s a long night without power, but it’s necessary for crews to safely change out equipment as part of a larger upgrade project. We appreciate your understanding.

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