Nocona City Council adopts new cemetery fees, rules

The City of Nocona adopted new regulations, rates and restrictions for the Nocona Cemetery during its Tuesday night session.
Rates for lots and the opening of graves are one of the biggest changes, but the city council also is addressing a growing problem of obstructions such as benches and trees that are impeding mowing. The rules were last updated in 1999 and fee schedule last updated in July 2005.
Cindy McCracken, utility bill clerk who also handles cemetery lot sales and locations, explained in preparing the staff recommendation for the council they surveyed area cemeteries in cities of similar size and set rates that in the middle of the range.
In the lot rates the cost for an inside lot will go from $220 to $450 and the outside row will go from $320 to $550. This rate schedule also includes a difference between a city taxpayer and a non-city taxpayer, with the cost $750 for outside and $650 for inside for a non-city taxpayer. Read the full story in the weekend Bowie News.