Woman receives minor injuries when struck by vehicle

A 58-year-old Bowie woman received unknown injuries after she was struck by a vehicle Friday night in Bowie.
The incident occurred at 7:17 p.m. at State Highway 59 (Mason) and Wise during Sip & Stroll.
The police report states a GMC driven by Tera Posey, 28, Bowie, was northbound on Mason and making a left turn at the intersection with Wise when the vehicle struck Patricia Alford who was walking at the crossing at the same time.
The driver and pedestrian both told police they had a green light. The report states the driver’s vision was somewhat impaired by the front frame of the vehicle causing her not to be able to see the pedestrian until the collision.
Bowie EMS was called to the scene, but Alford reportedly went to the hospital by private vehicle with unknown injuries.

2 Comments on Woman receives minor injuries when struck by vehicle

  1. If the injuries are unknown how can they be minor? FYI she had to have surgery for broken bones. Not to minor! You need to investigate before you write a story!

    • Information always comes from DPS and police reports. It usually only involve the initial look at injuries. Unless you actually speak to the person or specific family members you cannot access any medical information. That is why most reports are general noting minor, serious or life threatening. Often when the person gets to the hospital things can change. We investigate as far as we can, but accident news is fluid changing each step. What happens at the time of the story, may change by the time the paper prints.

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