Linda DeMoss, new author (Courtesy photo)

“From her earliest memories, Patsy was interested in medicine. She felt it in her very soul. As a small child, she bandaged her teddy bears, played with her plastic doctor’s kit and treated her siblings’ skinned knees. Her favorite book was ‘Nancy Nurse,’ and she read it until it was tattered, losing its pages and the color was worn off in places. She was drawn to any information about anatomy or disease processes she could find, and she soaked it in like a dry sponge.”
Those are the opening paragraphs for Linda DeMoss’ book, “Patsy’s Calling,” but it also reflects her own life spent as a nurse and longtime resident in small town Texas, as well as her deep faith in God.
DeMoss self-published her first work of fiction this summer, completing a project she has roughed out many years, but never completed.
About a year and a half ago she decided to pull out that tattered partial manuscript and “do something with that old thing,” laughs DeMoss.

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