Bass club competes in cold

The Red River HS Bass Club competed again at Lake Lewisville on Oct. 26 with five teams from the club fishing the third tournament of the Texas High School Bass Association West Division.
The day started out miserable on the water as temperature was about 45 degrees with rain and winds in excess of 15 miles per hour, creating a very cold and bone chilling start for the youth and the boat captains.
Once they braved the brunt of it that morning it settled into a nice day with blue skies and calmer water. Fish were biting for most everyone, but some were too small to weigh, while others found a groove and were able to bring fish across the scales. More than 200 teams fished this tournament from the West Division.
Competing in the tournament this round were the teams of: Konner Ritchie-Easton Womack with boat captain Roger Ritchie who caught several fish, but were too short to weigh-in; Gunnar Valverde-Baylen Faris with boat captain Mike Turner who were able to bring to the scales one fish to weigh 1.42 pounds placing 110th, this team has been fortunate to weigh a fish in at all three tournaments; Cole Scribner-Shane Chitwood with boat captain John Ballard pulled three from the lake to weigh-in at 6.5 pounds placing 35th; Cooper Harris-Finn Stevens with boat captain Brian Clark brought three to the scales as well and turned in a weight of 7.98 pounds placing 25th; Kooper Hansard along with boat captain Jason Uncel carried in 5 fish to tip the scales at 13.44 pounds placing 4th overall in the tournament.
The Red River High School Bass Club is based in Montague County and have teams from Montague, Clay and Wichita counties competing in the West Division.