UIL release classification numbers

The UIL Conference Cutoff Numbers were released Tuesday morning for the upcoming district realignment for the 2020-2022 school years.
Along with the already released enrollment numbers, schools will at least know whether they are going up or down in classification.
The good news for Montague County schools is that no one has to adjust going up or down as all six schools are staying put.
Bowie just avoided moving up to 4A two years ago when its enrollment crept just above 500. The number is down to 480, which was much more breathing room for the 515 number it would have needed to move up. In football, the Jackrabbits will still play with division I teams.
Nocona’s 256 number is well below that number and is actually closer to being moved down to 2A, with the 3A cutoff number being 230. The Indians football team will still play in division II.
Saint Jo came the closest to moving up, but its 98 enrollment number just came in under the 105 cutoff for 2A. The Panthers will continue to play football in division I.
Forestburg was close to going back up to division I within 1A, but its 50 enrollment came in below the 59.5 cutoff number. The Longhorns football program will stay in division II.
Gold-Burg was well below the cutoff to move up, reporting an enrollment number of 35. The Bears football team will continue to play in division II.
Prairie Valley reported an enrollment number of 53 to stay in 1A. With no football team though, the Bulldogs did not have to worry about moving up a division since it only affects football.
Outside of the county, Bellevue was in the same boat. The school reported an enrollment number of 43, but with no football team the only thing the Eagles have to worry about is staying in 1A.
Enrollment numbers for all schools across Texas are on the UIL website.

The full cutoff numbers for classifications are in the mid-week edition of the Bowie News.