Bowie girls open district with win

Abbi Gamblin scored 10 points for the Lady Rabbits.

The Bowie Lady Rabbits started its district run on Friday at home against Henrietta as the cold front moved into Montague County.
The Lady Rabbits sent home the Lady Cats with bumps and bruises on the way to a 65-26 win.
The first quarter saw the game start off slow. Henrietta came out in a zone defense that did its best to prevent Bowie from passing the ball inside and dare the Lady Rabbits to shoot from outside.
Bowie obliged and made three 3-pointers in the first quarter, but failed to score in other ways.
The Lady Rabbits came out in their full-court press defense that early on proved almost too physical for the Lady Cats. Henrietta struggled to get past half court initially. Even when they started to break the press the Lady Cats struggled creating shot attempts and Bowie’s defense would usually force a turnover.
Unfortunately, Bowie struggled to convert these turnovers into chances in transition early on. The Lady Rabbits only led 9-5 heading into the second quarter.
The physical defense from Bowie led to foul calls and those added up in the second quarter. Post player Hope Jones went out with three fouls.
A particular action that led to an open backside cutter at the rim was exploited multiple times by Henrietta that made Coach Joe Crabb look like he wanted to tear out his remaining hair.
The Lady Cats cut the lead to 11-9 early in the quarter, but that was as close as they would get the rest of the game.
Jayci Logan, who made two of the 3-pointers in the first quarter, made two more in the second. The Lady Rabbits created better chances inside the arc. All of it led to a 22-13 lead at halftime.
The third quarter saw Bowie really open the game up. The press forced two quick turnovers that the team converted to layups in the first minute. From there the Lady Rabbits lead continued to grow as the nine point lead at halftime was now 21, 38-17 heading into the final quarter.
Things just got worse for Henrietta. Bowie’s press defense had completely worn down the Lady Cats ball handlers by this point and the turnovers kept coming.
Crabb sent out his starting lineup despite the lead to continue to get work for future games and the points continued to pile up.
Bowie’s 27 points in the fourth quarter was more than the team scored in the first half and led to the final score being as one-sided as it was. Henrietta scored its most points in the quarter as well, but could not keep up as the Lady Rabbits won 65-26.

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