Jack Milchanowski brushes off ‘Renaissance Man’ tag; he just has lots of varied interests

Jack Milchanowski the photographer has created a successful niche in stock photography as he has developed his art through the years. He is known for his powerful wild animal photos. (Courtesy photo)
Jack Milchanowski

Jack Milchanowski could easily be called a “renaissance man,” but this unassuming man quickly brushes away such compliments to tell you he just has a lot of interests.
Many know Jack as a busy substitute teacher at Bowie High School and an avid photographer on the football sidelines, however, this retired pilot has many different hobbies that have been life-long personal pursuits.
He may spend a weekend stalking a mountain lion to photograph in Minnesota and the next week take part in Olympic-style air gun shooting. Jack says he has always liked to stay busy so why not do things he finds interesting and enjoys.
Here is a brief list of some of the activities this Bowie man has packed into his life: Air pistol and single shot free pistol, and archery all Olympic style, photography, woodworking, digital painting, cowboy quick draw shooting and building lightweight rubber band motorized planes. The common thread in most of these things he taught himself through books, tutorials or other resources.
The 69-year-old Milchanowski, and his wife, Karen, live just outside Bowie in Silver Lakes. After he retired as a pilot with Delta Airlines in 2005, they searched for raw land where they could build a house. They had spent 12 years in the Eagle Mountain Lake area before selecting Bowie because the property was pretty and economical recalls Jack. The couple moved up here 14 years ago.

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Jack Milchanowski enjoys shooting Olympic style competitive pistol. (Courtesy photo)