Lady Rabbits avenge loss against Holliday winning 63-48

Taygon Jones scored 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to help the Lady Rabbits win their fourth straight game on Friday.

The Bowie Lady Rabbits avenged another loss on senior night by beating Holliday.
The Lady Rabbits had one of their best 3-point shooting nights of the season as they won 63-48.
The game started slow for both teams. The Lady Eagles did their best to limit post ups from Bowie while the Lady Rabbits trapping zone defense forced some turnovers.
Down 6-5 midway through the quarter, Bowie started knocking down 3-pointers and ended the quarter on a 15-3 run. The Lady Rabbits made four 3-pointers in the quarter and their lead was 20-9 heading into the second quarter.
Besides the good shooting, Bowie was also getting to the free throw line and running in transition. Holliday kept struggling from turning the ball over or making perimeter shots, but did get to the free throw line some in the first quarter.
The Lady Rabbits lead continued to grow. They had more than doubled the Lady Eagles score at halftime 38-17.
Holliday turned up the intensity in the second half in all areas. The Lady Eagles defenders were playing much tighter both on and off the ball while looking to jump passing lanes.
Also Holliday started to hurt Bowie on the offensive glass. The Lady Rabbits had some foul issues among their post players and the Lady Eagles got some rebounding put backs.
Despite all of that, Bowie was still getting enough scoring from Taygon Jones, Abbi Gamblin and Jayci Logan to equal anything Holliday through at the team, not allowing the Lady Eagles to cut into the lead any. The Lady Rabbits led 53-32 heading into the fourth quarter.
With the big lead, Coach Joe Crabb played large portions of the final quarter with mostly bench led lineups. This allowed Holliday to make up some ground, but it never felt like Bowie was going to led the Lady Eagles back into the game. The Lady Rabbits still won by double-digits 63-48 to win their fourth straight.
The playoffs are scheduled to be on Feb. 17-18. A tune up game on Friday could be possible.

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