McCaig confirms first COVID-19 case with county resident

RUMOR TACKLED – Montague County Health Officer Dr Delbert McCaig reported this afternoon that a person from the northwest part of Montague County has been tested in Wichita Falls for COVID-19, but no results have been returned for that patient as of 5 p.m. McCaig said he was responding to a rumor going around about a confirmed virus case, but at this time there are no results from the test and no confirmation. The person is under observation in Wichita Falls. McCaig and County Judge Rick Lewis will be informed by the state about the results, which will then be reported publicly.


FIRST CONFIRMED VIRUS CASE – Montague County has its first confirmed COVID-19 case. Dr. Delbert McCaig, county health officer, reported at 6:30 p.m. today a Nocona area resident had tested positive in Wichita Falls, where the patient was under observation.

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