Sunset area virus patient dies late Friday afternoon

Montague County experienced its first death from the Coronavirus Friday as Dr. Delbert McCaig, county health authority, reported a Sunset area patient died Friday while being treated in Wise County.
McCaig said it was very sad news to report, especially in light of other patients who have now been cleared. The 68-year-old patient was taken by ambulance to Wise Regional on April 15 and died April 17. He added they didn’t even know about it until now, explaining the only address on the state report was a post office box in Sunset.
As of Friday noon the county had seen a total of six positive cases of the virus. All three patients from Nocona are now cleared and no longer contagious along with one in Silver Lakes. One case at Ringgold earlier this week turned out to be a Wichita County resident who has a farm in Ringgold and was moved to that city’s stats.
The case of a Saint Jo patient who tested positive outside the county remains open, said McCaig, as the Department of Health Services has not been able to confirm the Saint Jo case based on the address and phone number presented by the person when they went to Denton Mid-Cities for testing. It will remain open until he is found.
There are two other pending cases where patients have been taken to hospitals in Wichita Falls and Decatur for treatment and awaiting test results.