Positive virus cases rise to five; 1 positive can’t be found

As of Tuesday there were a total of five positive Coronavirus tests in Montague County, however, a sixth positive testis pending, but the Saint Jo address for that person appears to be false.
Dr. Delbert McCaig, county health officer, said a third person from the Sunset/Silver Lakes area tested positive as of Monday. Two additional positives came in after that involving Nocona residents.
McCaig added on Tuesday he was informed of a sixth pending positive, however, state officials report the address listed on the person’s driver’s license is a vacant property in Saint Jo and the phone number does not exist. This person was tested in Denton, but they have been unable to track the patient after that.
Another positive is pending in Cooke County and that person works in Montague County according to McCaig.
The first case with a Nocona patient recovered and is clear, while the second case involved a nurse at Advanced Rehabilitation who was self-quarantined and had not been hospitalized. No other patient profiles have been released.
Nocona General Hospital Chief Executive Officer Lance Meekins reported as of Tuesday they have tested 31 people with three positives, two pending and the remainder are negative.

3 Comments on Positive virus cases rise to five; 1 positive can’t be found

  1. I still feel people are not taking this as seriously as they should.
    Even People who are still working need to be more diligent about keeping their distance. They may not be worried about themselves but if they are a carrier of the virus without symptoms they could pass it on to someone else. They should be wearing a mask and gloves at least. Some people are staying home because they are at high risk and may already have it. These people should not be ridiculed by the other workers on their profession for opting to self quarantine as advised by their doctors. People this is not a game. People’s lives are at stake.

  2. People in Montague County are not taking this virus seriously. A friend was in the store this week and while in line to check out another lady came right up behind her. My friend had on a mask, sunglasses and gloves and asked the lady to step back 6′. The lady smirked at her and said, “Oh, you’re one of THOSE”. Employees carrying out groceries don’t have on masks or gloves. What is it going to take?

  3. When I go to Walmart I wear gloves and a mask. I have seen many people do the same. I have also seen whole families with kids walking in with no protection like nothing is happening. They should have a policy at Walmart to require masks and gloves for shoppers. Bowie Walmart has a very high percentage of shoppers that are from outside of Bowie, like Fort Worth, Dallas, etc. We must be smart and thus be safe.

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